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The Contacts section keeps track of both your email mailing list(s) and social media connections. You can upload or drag and drop your email contacts in a .csv  or .txt file, or manually type them in one by one. You can also connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts in this section.

To create a new list, just click ' Create New List'  button in the top right corner and we'll guide you through adding a new list. Give your list a name, and use something that will remind you who is on the list and why they are getting your email. For example, it could be the date of your email or how they signed up for your list- whatever works best for you! But keep in mind that with our contact management feature your subscribers can see the name of your list if it's public so keep it simple.



Once you’ve named the list you’ll add contacts to it. If you're uploading a list, your file should be saved in .txt or .csv formats.  If you need help in saving an Excel file to a .csv file, check out this article.  

You can upload your list several ways:

1) Drag & Drop your file 
2) Select Upload File and choose your file from your documents 
3) Manually add each contact 

If you just have a couple of contacts to add, you may want to select "Add Manually" and then type them in.


Now that you have the file uploaded for your list, you'll need to match the data to finish adding the list to your VerticalResponse account. Take a look at the drop-down menus above your data and match what you see in the column to the options in the menu. For example, for the column with email addresses, you'll select "Email Address" in the drop-down. First names will match up with "First Names", etc. If you don’t want to include the data in your list, select "Don't Import" and we won’t upload that information. If your file has column headers, or names for each column, we’ll match that info with our default fields automatically. We’ll even match field names that are close to what we have. For example, if the first name field in your list is F_Name, we’ll match that up with First Name for you. Once everything looks good, click Import at the right and you're ready to go!


rtaImage.pngYou can also create a custom field during your list upload. From the drop down menu click Custom Field. This will open up a pop up and allow you to add your custom field. 


We'll tell you how the upload went in a just a few minutes. The final upload screen will show you how many mailable contacts have been added to your account. Under the list upload message you'll see a breakdown of the email subscribers that were added. On the left is info about the Imported addresses and we'll tell how many new email addresses were added and how many on the list were already in the account but are now added to this list.


  • Invalid Email Addresses - the email address isn't mailable for some reason, usually a typo like there's an @ missing or there's no .com at the end. You can fix these addresses and then upload or manually add them to your list.

  • Unsubscribed addresses - this is an address that has requested not to get any emails from your company by previously unsubscribing from one of the emails you've sent to them.

  • Bounced Addresses - these are addresses that are set up correctly but for some reason aren't accepting emails, usually because they are old or no longer valid.

  • Non-mailable Addresses - these are addresses that are known to cause problems with delivery so we'll clean your list so you don't run into any problems.

If you want to see the addresses that have been removed you can click on the Download rejected records link and take a look.


Quick Add Contacts

Have a handful of contact you'd like to add in a rush to one of your email campaigns? Our 'Contacts - Quick Add' tool gives you the option to manually enter single or multiple email addresses with the push of a button without creating a formal list document.

To add single email addresses - click on the 'Name/Email' tab and add the contact's First and Last Name along with a valid email address. Your contacts will need to be added to a new list or an existing list. Once you've selected which list you want them added to, click the green save button. Your newly updated list(s) will be visible in the left hand column.


For multiple email addresses - click on the 'Multiple Addresses' tab where you can type or copy & paste up to 50 email addresses. Once you've entered all the contacts, select a list and click save to have these added to your campaign's receipt list.




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