How do I see who got rejected from my list upload and why?

Whenever you upload a list, we generate a list load report - this report goes over the results of your upload (i.e. how many records added, how many changed, and how many rejected). This report is sent to the email address associated with the VerticalResponse account, and also shows up in your account Message Box - found in the upper right corner of your account page.

When you view this load report, you'll see a link towards the bottom that lets you download the list of rejected records. The list file should download as a .csv, or "comma delimited", format, for easy viewing in Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet program.

Please note that the link to this rejected file is only valid for about two days. After that you won't be able to use that link; you would need to re-upload your list file to generate another load report message with a valid link. 

Some records are rejected from your list upload to only include mailable email addresses. Records can be rejected for the following reasons:
- Previously Bounced: A record within your list that has a mailing status of "bounced" was unable to receive mail from a previous campaign and is unmailable after it bounces.
- Previously Unsubscribed: A record within your list has a mailing status of "unsubscribed" which means that they opted out of receiving your emails. 
- Duplicate Record: This means that the same email address appeared twice in your file or your list
- Improperly formatted: When an email address is incomplete or has foreign characters in it, it can cause the record to be rejected. 
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