Why am I having difficulty importing my list?

First, ensure that your list is in the proper format. Your list must be in either a .csv (comma delimited) or .txt (tab delimited) format to import into your VerticalResponse account.
We recommend eliminating any unnecessary data columns from your file. Your file must contain either an email address or a postal address to properly upload, but other fields are optional and only needed if you plan to personalize your email or segment your list with that data.
You may want to review your list and remove any special characters that could interfere with the import process. You can try using the find and replace function in Excel (or similar application) to eliminate any extra spaces, quotes, tabs, or commas. We recommend working with a copy of your file to prevent accidentally deleting valid data from your list.
You might also try breaking your list into smaller files.

Note: Please call us for authorization to load a list larger than 40,000 names. Any list over that size will be truncated to 40,000 during the list upload process.

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