Image Editing

Any image you've added to your email can be edited from within the email itself. There are many options available to edit and enhance your image.
To edit an image, just hover over the image and click to edit. In the left toolbar, click on the Edit button next to your image preview to open the editor.

To crop your image, click on the Resize button next to your image preview.


The left menu of the editor contains all of the available tools. You can also use the icons along the top to undo, redo, or export your changes. Remember, if you don’t like something you've done to your image, click the curved arrow pointing to the left to undo.

Transform – Rotate and crop image
Adjust - Edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness
Text Design

AnchorTransform: Use the Transform tool to crop a portion of your image.

The Transform tool allows you to select a portion of the image and remove the rest:

1. Use the left menu to select Transform.
2. To adjust the size of the crop box, click and drag one of the corner markers.
3. Release this when you’ve created a box that looks to be the correct size for your image.
4. Click and hold anywhere within the box to drag it around your picture.
5. The crop will be applied when you export your image or select another tool. You can also choose from one of the 7 pre-selected crop options displayed in the left panel.
The transform tool also gives you the ability to rotate or flip (mirror) your images. You can rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise, 90 degrees counter-clockwise, 180 degrees clockwise, and 180 degrees counter-clockwise, or even flip the image if you like.

1. Use icons below the image to adjust the orientation.
2. The first two icons will flip the image, either left to right or top to bottom. The shaded rectangle indicates the direction the image will be flipped.
3. The curved arrows pointing left and right will rotate the image 90 degrees in the direction of the arrow points.
4. You can also manually rotate the image. Click and hold anywhere along the dotted line, then drag your curser to the left or right.


AnchorFilters: Edit your photos with over 50 filters choose from. These are designed to easily enhance and stylize your photos.


AnchorAdjust: Use the slider controls to adjust your image brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and more.


AnchorFocus: Use this tool to create a focal point that blurs out the rest of the photo.


AnchorText: Add text to your image using different colors and fonts.


AnchorText Design: Add text to one of the preset text designs, then change its color and size.

AnchorStickers: Apply a variety of fun stickers to your photo with the option to adjust their size, orientation, and opacity.

AnchorBrush: Customize your brush color, width, and hardness, then click and drag on the image to start painting.

AnchorFrames: Choose one of five frames to complement your photo or set it apart from your email background. After selecting a frame, use the slider controls to adjust the width and opacity of the frame.

AnchorOverlays: Add an overlay to your photo by clicking on one of the 17 graphics to choose from.


When you’re finished editing your image, select Save in the top right to apply your changes.

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