Assign Fields

Now that you have the file uploaded for your list, you'll need to match up some data to finish adding the list to your VerticalResponse account.  Take a look at the drop-down menus above your data, and match what you see in the column to the options in the menu. For example, for the column with email addresses you'll select "Email Address" in the drop-down, first names will match up with "First Names", etc. If you don’t want to include the data in your list, select "Don't Import" and we won’t upload that info. If your file has column headers, or names for each column, we’ll match that info with our default fields automatically. We’ll even match field names that are close to what we have. For example, if the first name field in your list is F_Name, we’ll match that up with First Name for you.


If you've created custom fields, you'll also see these as an option in the drop down. You can also create a custom field during your list upload. On the "Assign Fields" page, click the drop down and select "Add A Custom Field." You'll be prompted to name the new field.



Once everything looks good, click Import at the bottom and you're ready to go!


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