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Before you send out your email you'll want to take a look at it without all the editing tools. The Preview button allows you to see everything you've created and give you an idea of what it will look like in an email program. But what if your readers are looking at your email on a mobile phone? Don't worry, we've got you covered! The Preview tab has a handy built-in feature that will show you how your email looks on different devices.

To get to the preview screen, click "Preview" at the top right of the email editor.


To the left of the email you'll see the Display Type option and then three icons below it.

  • Desktop monitor - This is the default view when you get to the preview page.  You'll see how your email will look on a desktop monitor.
  • Mobile phone - The next icon is for a mobile phone. Click on it and you'll see how your email will look on a mobile phone, and if you click the arrows under the icon, you can see how it looks flipped in the other direction.
  • Tablet - The last icon is for a tablet, and just like the phone icon you can see how your email looks on a tablet and you can flip that view as well.

These displays give you an idea of how the email will look, but of course it could be different based on the email program that the recipient uses.

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