Activate Your VR account

After you set up your new account, you’re going to need to activate it. We’ll send you a confirmation email to the address you used to sign up. All you need to do is click the big button that says Confirm Email Address.


You don’t need to confirm right away, you can set up emails, upload contacts and connect your social accounts before we’ll ask you again. As soon as you click Send for an email or social post, we’ll let you know your account isn’t ready yet and you need to confirm it.

If you still have the original email, now is the time to click that green button! If not, no sweat, just click Send for your email or post and we’ll open a screen that lets you resend that email. Double check on the screen that the email address is the one you want to use and it’s spelled correctly. If it is, click the Resend Verification Email, if not click the link to edit it in your account.


And that’s it! You’ll be able to send your email or post just as soon your account is active.

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