Unlaunch an Email

Follow these steps to cancel your email or reschedule it for another time. Want to watch a video instead of reading all this info? Click here!

1. Log into your account
2. Select Messages
3. Click on the email name you wish to cancel 
4. On the Reporting page (no stats since the email hasn't been sent), click the Edit button


5. There will be a window that opens that asks you to unlaunch the email, select Unschedule & Edit.

rtaImage (48).png

6. Now you can make any changes to your email. Once you're done editing, pick a new date and time from the Send page and click Send

If an email is scheduled to be sent ASAP, there is a very short window when an email can be edited and rescheduled. Your email must still be in Scheduled status and not Mailing status.


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