Test Kit

Test Kit allows users to preview emails prior to a send. There are three different types of tests:

1. Inbox Preview: How their emails will look across different email clients, devices and browsers
2. Subject Line Preview: How subject lines appear within different email clients
3. Link Checker: Whether their links are resolving correctly  

Accessing Test Kit

1. To access the Test Kit, you first must create an email campaign. For more information on how to create an email campaign click here.
2. Click the Preview button and choose Test Kit

rtaImage (49).png

3. You will be brought to the Test Kit page, where you can either choose Inbox Preview, Subject Line Preview and Link Checker.

Inbox Preview
Inbox Preview will allow you to run a test that will provide a screenshot of how your email looks in different email providers and on different devices. To run a test:

1. Click Inbox Preview from the left hand menu. If you do not have any more credits you will have to buy some.

rtaImage (50).png

2. Click Run Test

3. The system will then run a test and produce results for 58 different email clients. 


Link Checker
Link Checker allows you to run a test that will show a screenshot of your link destinations.
To get started:

1. Select Link Checker from the left hand menu

2. Click Run Test  

3. The Link Checker test will determine if the links within the email are resolving correctly.  If a link is not working properly, it will be highlighted in red.
4. From this page you’ll be able to click the link and have it appear within the page. This can help you ensure you have the right link in the right place.

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