The Insights feature on VerticalResponse can be used to get more in-depth details about your customers.  You’ll be able to see customer stats such as how many emails they’ve opened or how many times they’ve clicked on a link within an email.   

To view Insights on your customers:

1. In the Contacts section, choose an email list
2. Once you have opened your list select a customer by clicking on their email address
3. This will bring you to a customer’s profile, which shows their contact info, the lists they are members of and the Insights tab  


4. Select the Insights tab


5. Here is where you can see the activity feed, the number of times you’ve sent them emails, number of opens and number of clicks.
6. You’ll also be able to get more details such as location, device and how they signed up for your email list. * Please note this amount of detail is only for Pro users


Insights will allow you to see how engaged each individual customer is.  The engagement score is determined by how much the customer engages with the emails you send based on an algorithm.   The more stars, the more engaged your customers are.  Actions such as joining a list through a signup form, opening an email, or clicking on a link positively impacts the engagement score. Customers who rarely open emails or mark it as spam will negatively impact the engagement rating.       

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