Create an Email with the HTML Editor

The HTML editor is for those familiar with HTML, or who have their code already written. To access it, click the orange Create One button under Email Campaigns on the Messages page.


Once you are on the Template Gallery page, you’ll be able to access the HTML editor on the bottom left hand corner.

Now you will be brought to the HTML Editor.

The Body section is where you’ll paste your code. You have two options: Copy and Paste your code or Import your code. To paste your code directly into the template, simply copy from the original source and copy into the Body section over the default code.

For those who have stored HTML code in files, simply click Import HTML and find your file. Open your file and it will directly import into the body of the email.

As you make changes to your HTML, you can see a preview on the right side of the editor. Don't forget to Save your changes.

Need to add custom tags for personalization? Click next to 'View custom tags for personalization and more' to expand and view the suggested custom tags.


To edit your subject line, from label or email address, use the Subject tab on the upper left hand side of the page. You’ll also be able to see the name of your email here so you can easily find it to edit later or check your stats. You’ll need to save your updates before moving to the body section of the code.


The footer section contains your unsubscribe message. Click on the Footer tab to access the footer content section where you can update your postal address information and set unsubscribe preferences for customers. Press Save once you have filled it out.


The postal address will be your business address. Both unsubscribe and a valid postal address are both required by the CAN-SPAM law, so you’ll be required to fill in this information.

The Images tab opens an image gallery with images, graphics, and GIFs. You can even upload your own images.

Remember, it is also recommended that you always Test and Preview your email, although it is not required. Once you are finished with your edits, click Next to select your segments for sending.

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