How to Change the Color of Specific Links using the Canvas

Ever have a customer who is desperate to have one or all of their links a certain color, but it's not displaying consistently?

Because some email clients ignore the settings in the HTML body tag, they will ignore the link color setting in our Document Properties window. Customers can also set the color for each link individually. To do that in the Canvas editor, they should follow this sequence:

  1. Select the text that will be linked, and apply the font color.
  2. AFTER the color is applied, they can click the "insert/edit hyperlink" button.

If the text is already linked and they want to change the color:

  1. Highlight the linked text and then Unlink the text.
  2. Go back to the text they wish to change and apply the color desired.
  3. Re-link the text.

The reason for this sequence is that it places the font color tag inside the link tag, which is necessary for the link color to display:

<a href=""><font color="#ff0000">VerticalResponse</font></a>

Another way to set this in the code is <a style="color: #ff0000" href="">VerticalResponse</a>.  Choosing link color after the link is set will sometimes result in this, but the first method will work more consistently.

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