Customize Your InstaEmail Template


Now that you've selected a layout, in a few easy steps InstaEmail will help you create a great email template!

First, our system will find the logo on your website or blog. In some cases it may be hard to tell what image is the logo, so we'll give you a few options, then just select the one that you want to use from the choices given.

Next up is the header image. If your layout has an image at the top, depicted by a sketch of mountains in the layout, you can choose to add another image from your website to your email.


And now the fun part! The last three options at the bottom of the page allows you to customize the colors of your layout. You'll have some colors pulled in from your site, plus a few others to work with. Select the background color for your email, the color for your links and accent colors. Don't like what you've created? Just pick a different color! InstaEmail will let you test out different color combinations, layouts and images until you find that perfect combo.








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