How do I convert my Excel file into the proper import format?

Files imported into VerticalResponse must be in either a .csv (comma delimited) or .txt (tab delimited) format. Your file must include an email address but may also contain other data columns that you feel will be useful in either personalizing an email (first name for example) or segmenting your lists. To save your Excel file in a .csv format, follow these steps (steps may vary depending the version of Excel you are working with):
  1. Open your file in Excel file
  2. Go to File | Save As
  3. Select a location to save your file
  4. In the subsequent window go to the Save As Type field and select .csv comma delimited) from the drop down menu
  5. Click Save
  6. The subsequent window will have a message stating "this file may contain features that are not compatible with .csv", click Yes

Once you have converted your data to this format, save it to a secure place (i.e. your desktop). You will then be ready to upload your list.
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