Our pricing is based on the number of email contacts in your account, plus the package level you choose.  Everyone starts out on the Free Plan. If you have fewer than 300 email contacts, you can stay on our Free Plan which has a ton of cool features. If your list is over 300 subscribers, or if you need additional features, you'll want to upgrade your subscription tier or package. But don't worry, the prices are still super affordable for any business!

Besides the awesome Free Plan we also have a Basic package that has the same great features, plus you can add more social accounts, import larger lists and send more email. The Pro package has the same features as the Basic but with higher sending limits, additional social accounts, and more personal help from our staff. If you have seasonal mailing needs and don’t want to pay a flat monthly fee, we also have Pay as you go credits. Purchase a group of credits and use them over a three month period.

It's up to you which one you pick, and you can change your package if you decide you need something different.

The big green Upgrade button in the top right corner of the account allows you to make changes to your subscription on the fly.  Since pricing is based on email contacts, find where your list size falls along the top to find the price. If you choose a size over 300, you'll see that the Free option is not available- instead you can select either Basic or Pro. Once you have selected the right number of email contacts and package level, click the green Upgrade button, and check out.


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