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Sending emails will give you lots of data on how your readers are interacting with your emails. Details like when they open and what links they click give you insight into what they’re interested in. You need to know a bit about what’s going on with your account as well, so we have some reporting for you on the lists that you’re mailing to. 

From the VR Contacts tab click on the name of the list you want more information about, which will bring up the List Detail page. 


You’ll see see at the name of your list and the reach. The reach is the number of mailable addresses on your list, any bounced or unsubscribed addresses won’t be counted in this number


List Stats

Gives you details about your list; things like how often it’s been mailed to and the last mail date. To the right of this section is a Sync Now link. This will allow you to sync your list to Salesforce, and vice versa, when you click it, rather than waiting for the Global Sync to run.


The details you can find here are:

  • Public Name - If your list in VR has a Sign up form attached to it you’ll have a name for your list that your clients can see. This is because they have the option to manage what lists they’re on through your VerticalResponse account. If there is no Sign up form attached to your list you’ll see that it’s Empty.
  • Last Message Sent - This will be the name of the last email sent to this list.
  • Contacts on hold - If you’ve reached the limit for your VerticalResponse subscription, you could have some addresses on hold. This section will show you a number only if you’ve hit that limit, otherwise it’ll be zero. To release the addresses on hold you just need to change your subscription
  • Messages Sent - The number of times your list has mailed to through Salesforce.
  • Last Message Sent At  - The last time the mailing list was used. 
  • Visibility - This is also tied to a Sign up form. Your list will be visible to the public only if there’s a sign up form attached to it. 
  • In Sync with VR - This will be set to Yes if the list is part of the Global Sync, or No if it’s not. You can manually sync your list by clicking Sync Now, or add it to the Global Sync here.

The next part of the page shows you all the records in your mailing list. Clicking Sync Now in this section will update any changes that have happened since the last Global Sync.


The bottom of the page has all the emails sent to your list since it was synced with Salesforce. You get details about when the email was sent and to how many people. For more info on your email, click the View Report link or the name of the email. 


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