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Is your email marketing is done when you click the Send button? For more insight into how your subscribers are interacting with your email check out your reporting. Every time you send out an email we'll provide you stats and feedback about how your subscribers interacted with it.


This is the info you'll see:

Overall Message Stats

We give you a snapshot of all the important data from your email at the top of the page. Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Total Sent - The number of emails sent out. This will be the size of your list(s) minus any bounces or unsubscribes that aren’t considered mailable. 

  • Opens - The number of emails that were counted as opened. This means the reader opened the graphical version of the email and the images were rendered. Opens can only be counted in emails with images, the tracking is done with a hidden pixel, and only when the reader allows the images to load. 
  • Clicks - The number of times links were clicked in the email. This is tracking links that are clicked in the email once it’s opened. 
  • Unsubscribes - The number of people who asked to be removed from your mailing lists. Once your VR account syncs with Salesforce we’ll check the Email opt out box on your Lead/Contact record to keep everything updated. 
  • Bounces - If an email address isn’t deliverable for some reason, usually it’s a bad address, we’ll let you know that too. 

All of this information will be automatically synced with Salesforce and the VR Message object will have this same information for your Leads and Contacts. 

If you share your email on social media, we’ll also give you stats on how people interacted on your selected platforms. 

  • Facebook Shares - How many times your email was shared on Facebook.
  • Facebook Likes - How many times people liked your email post on Facebook.
  • Twitter Retweets - How many times your post was shared on Twitter. 

Sync Now - Update your email stats from VR to your Salesforce Leads and Contacts when you click the link, instead of waiting for the automatic sync. This will only update stats for this one email, not all of them. 

Below the snapshot of email stats we have all the details on what your readers did with the email.  Each tab will show you specifically who took the action specified by the tab. So on the Opens tab you’ll see a list of everyone who opened the email, the Clicks tab will show you which links were tracked and you can view who clicked each link. In the top right of this section you have the option to download all your email stats as a CSV file. 

Opens - We’ll show the First Name, Last Name and Email address for each person who opened the email, plus the date and time the email was opened.rtaImage.jpg

Clicks - This tab will have all the links that were tracked in your email. To the right you’ll see the number of times each link was clicked, and by clicking this you can see who clicked the link and the time and date they did.


Bounces - If any addresses were undeliverable they’d be shown here. Usually an email address will bounce if there is a typo, the address no longer exists or the domain isn’t correct. We won’t mark a soft bounce here ( inbox full for example), we just keep track that there could be an issue down the line. 

Unsubscribes - Any time someone unsubscribes we’ll take care of it right away. Unsubscribes are governed by anti-spam laws around the world, so they’re pretty important. The address will be marked as unsubscribed on your VR list, and once the automatic sync happens, the Email Opt out box will be checked in Salesforce. 


The last part of this page shows all of the lists you mailed this email to. It could be one or many, depending on what you selected at the time of sending.


Here’s what you’ll find here:

  • Name of VerticalResponse List
  • List Size - Number of email addresses on the list
  • Reach - The Number of mailable addresses. This is usually lower than the size since any bounced or unsubscribed addresses are removed.
  • SF Sync - This box is checked only if you’ve set the list up to be part of the Global Sync. You can change this by clicking the Edit link to the right.
  • Date Created
  • Last time an email was sent to this list
  • Actions – Add the list to the Global sync or click Sync Now to do a manual sync.
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