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You can update, or sync, different information between your VR and Salesforce accounts to keep everything up-to-date. And we give reporting and easy access to the syncs that we do. Here's what you'll see when you check out the sync reports for any sync you do. 

For details on what types of syncs are in your account, check out the help page Sync Update.rtaImage.png

There are different types of syncs we do - email data, lists, and Campaigns and Reports. Plus any time someone unsubscribes we'll be sure to mark the Email Opt out box on the Lead/Contact record in Salesforce. 

Sync Details

This is a breakdown of what we'll tell you for each sync report:

  • No. of Contacts Created in VR - Any new records coming from your Salesforce Campaigns or Reports that are Synced with VR.
  • No. of Contacts Updated in VR - Any new information updated to your VR records.
  • No. of Emails Sent since last sync - You'll see how many emails you've sent since you did a sync, global or otherwise.
  • No. of Contacts on Hold - Any unmailable records from VR. You've probably reached your list limit based on your subscription.
  • No. of Contacts Created in Salesforce - Any new Contacts created in Salesforce from your VR account. Based on your sync settings. 
  • No. of Leads Created in Salesforce - Any new Leads created in Salesforce from your VR account. Based on your sync settings. 
  • No. of Bounced Contacts - Any emails that were not deliverable. 
  • No. of Unsubscribed Contacts - Anyone who clicked the unsubscribe link in your email. 

Syncing email details from Salesforce to VR will include details about unsubscribes, bounces, email addresses of the bounced, unsubscribed and on hold contacts.

Syncing email details from VR to Salesforce, the unsubscribed records will be synced to Salesforce (email opt out field will be checked). However this information will not be available on the sync report detail page. This is because Salesforce does not provide details about unsubscribed contacts after the Contacts/Leads have been created in Salesforce from VR.


VerticalResponse updates information from your emails to your Leads and Contacts in Salesforce. You’ll be able to see which emails your Lead/Contact were sent, when the email was opened, number of links clicked, and any bounce or unsubscribe information. You can manually sync this data from the VR Message tab, but it’s included in the automatic daily global sync.



You can keep your contacts in VR in sync with your Leads or Contacts in Salesforce; or vice versa. To update your contacts, go to the VR Contacts tab and click Sync Now. We will only update information from lists you’ve selected, the other lists will not be included. You’ll see a check mark in the box next to the lists included in the sync. You can manually sync this data from the VR Contacts tab, but it’s included in the automatic daily global sync.

Sync Status

Usually the sync will work perfectly and you’ll see nothing in the Errors section. If you see a message there, we'll tell you the reason for the failure. For example, if you try to do two syncs at one time you’ll see this: 


Our system can only do one sync at a time, wait until one is done before you update another one.


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