How do I adjust the size of my image?

There are several ways to change the size of your image. You can re-size it through external software such as Photoshop, GIMP, or Paint. The other option is in your account using Pixlr, located in your Library. First, you will need to upload your image into your Library and then you can re-size it. To upload an image into your media library, follow the steps listed below.

1.) Click on Tools | Library from the navigation bar
2.) Look in the box located on the left side of the page and click Upload Images
3.) Click on the Browse button
4.) When the pop-up window appears locate the image on your computer, select it and click Open
5.) Click the Done button

To re-size an image, follow the steps listed below.

1.) Click on Library from the blue navigation bar
2.) Browse your mouse over the image and click on the pencil that appears in the lower right corner
3.) When Pixlr launches, click Adjustments at the bottom of the page and select Resize
4.) Enter your new dimensions to re-size by pixels
5.) Click Apply and then Save

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