I sent an email with two different images in it but the same image showed for both. Why?


This may occur if you're working from a copy of a previously sent email and a new image is uploaded with the same name as an image that was already in the email. Unfortunately, our image caching system is jumping the gun and trying to load an image it thinks it remembers.

For example: You create a new email called "Feb Dog News", and add an image called dog.jpg. We store the image for you. 

If you were to try to navigate to the image where we stored it, the whole URL would look a little like this: http://emailnumber.verticalresponse.com/username/feb_dog_news/dog.jpg.

Then, you try to add a new image with the same name, dog.jpg, but it will be changed to dog2.jpg, because you can't have two images with the same file name.

Later, you make a copy of the same email, rename it "March Dog News" and upload a new picture, also called dog,jpg - full URL: http://emailnumber.verticalresponse.com/username/march_dog_news/dog.jpg.

Both images will be called dog.jpg, since there is a slight difference earlier in the URL.

Once the email launches, our image cache tool tries to load images as quickly as possible, and will take a few shortcuts to get your images to you. Normally, it works like a dream, cutting out the middleman when loading images, and making the load take a second or two instead of 60 seconds. In this case, it went a little too far. Using a unique image name for your new images will take this problem off the table!
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