VR for Salesforce - First Login

The first time you click a VR tab in Salesforce you'll need to set up a few things. These are the steps you'll be walked through to finish setting up the integration. You must connect your VR Account to Salesforce, but once you've done that you can start using your account. The other steps can be done at a later date. 

Authorize Your VerticalResponse Account

Connect your VR account to Salesforce to create a two way sync, or if you’re new to our system, set up a new VR account. In order to use your VerticalResponse and Salesforce accounts together you’ll need to go through a couple of steps to let us know what account to use and what information you want to share between the two apps. We’ll walk you through the easy steps to connect your accounts, and you can always go back and make changes whenever you need to. If you set up a new account, you’ll need to activate it. We’ll send you a confirmation email to the address you used to sign up.


Click I have a VR account to link your current account. You’ll be asked to log in with your username and password to link the accounts. 

Click Create a new VR account to set up an account if you don’t have one. This will take you to a page to create a username and password for your new VerticalResponse account. 


Map Fields

After you’ve linked your VR and SF accounts, you’ll need to let us know what fields in Salesforce should match-up with the fields in VerticalResponse. We’ll map First Name, Last Name and Email fields for you, they’re pretty standard. You can map custom fields in your Salesforce account to fields in your VR lists, or even create new ones if you need to. Select the fields you need to map for both your Salesforce Leads and Contacts. Click the Plus button to add more if you need them. Once you’ve mapped your fields for both Leads and Contacts, click the Done Mapping Fields button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. You can always come back to this page if you need to make changes. 


You’ll see a comforting page that says Your Fields have been mapped. Click the Next Step button to move on. 


List Sync

The last piece of the setup is to choose your VerticalResponse lists to sync with your Salesforce account. If you have a new VR account you won’t need to do this step now, but you can always come back at a later date to make changes.


Choose VR Lists to Sync with Salesforce

First, decide if you want the records from your VerticalResponse account to be sent to Salesforce as Contacts or Leads. Generally if you have a relationship with the person or they’ve made a purchase or donation, they’ll be a Contact. If they’ve recently signed up to get emails from you but they haven’t done anything else with your company or organization, they’ll be a lead.

Then choose how the data from your Contacts in VR are updated to Salesforce. If the Contact already exists in Salesforce you choose to update anything new to that Contact, or you can instead create a new Lead.


You can always change any of this information if you need to.

The last step is to choose lists from your VR account to sync to Salesforce. This means whenever you have new Contacts added in VR the data will be sent to Salesforce. You’ll see all the lists from your account on the left side of the page. To include the list to be synced click the name in the column on the left and click the right arrow to move to the column on the right. You can choose as many lists as you want to update to Salesforce. Your Sign up form lists are an example of the lists you’ll want to make sure get synced, and lists you use regularly. 

If you select a list you don’t want to sync, click the name in the column on the right and then click the left arrow to move it back. This can all be changed any time you need it to be changed. 
When everything here looks good, click Done to save your changes. 

You’ll now be able to start using your VR and Salesforce accounts together!

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