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The Home tab gives you an overview of both your VerticalResponse emails and lists, plus sync your Salesforce Campaigns and Reports. You’ll be able to view the most recent emails stats from your VR account, see information on recent emails, your VR lists, current Salesforce Campaigns & Reports to use as lists or sync reports.

Sync Now - Update your email stats from VR to your Salesforce Leads and Contacts when you click the link, instead of waiting for the automatic sync. 

Quick Actions

At the top right of the page you have quick links that let you:

  • Create a new email message
  • Create new contact records in a VerticalResponse list
  • Sync VR Lists with Salesforce Leads and Contacts
  • Change your account settings


Recent Activity

The recent activity box provides you with a reporting snapshot of the most recent email message sent out from your account. It also keeps a running total of unsubscribes from your mailing lists. 


The green number listed in the top left-hand column is the total amount of opens for your most recent email message. Plus you’ll see the name of the email and a link to see the reporting details for this email. At the bottom you’ll see the date and time the email was sent. 

Sync Now - Update your email stats from VR to your Salesforce Leads and Contacts when you click the link, instead of waiting for the automatic sync. 

Need more info on your message’s performance? 

detailed report will provide you with in-depth stats for this particular email message. This report also includes details on all social media interactions if you shared your message. 

Recent VR Messages

The Recent VR Message section provides you with stats on the email messages in your VR account. This includes current drafts you’re working on. 


You’ll be able to view:

  • Message title – Name of email
  • Total reach of message – Number of emails sent out, usually the size of your list
  • Message type – Email or Autoresponder
  • Message status – Draft, Scheduled, Pending, or Sent
  • Date of Creation – The date and time your message was created
  • Actions – View email statistics or see your email

VR Lists

Manage your VerticalResponse lists in this section. You’ll see a snapshot of all the lists within your VerticalResponse account. 


For each list uploaded into your account you’ll see:

  • Name of List Size of List - number of addresses on list
  • Reach of List - number of mailable addresses on list (bounces and unsubscribes will make it smaller than Size)
  • Sync Status - Check the box next to the list to automatically keep it synced with Salesforce
  • Date of Creation Date of last email sent using this list
  • Actions that can be taken on the specific message

Sync Now - Update your list details between VR and your Salesforce Leads and Contacts when you click the link, instead of waiting for the automatic sync. 


Salesforce Campaigns & Salesforce Reports

Use your Salesforce Campaigns and Reports as mailing lists for your VR emails. This section will show only Campaigns or Reports that are scheduled to be synced, it’s possible there will be nothing listed here. To select and use Campaigns or Reports as a mailing list, go to the VR Contacts tab. Link here.


Sync Reports

Here you can see all the syncs you’ve done between your VR account and Salesforce, including the automatic global syncs.  You’ll see:

  • Sync report number
  • Sync Ran - Date and time of each sync
  • State - The sync status - Completed or Failed
  • Resources Synced - Global, Reports or Campaigns from Salesforce, List, or ListMessage
  • Your total contacts created in VR
  • Your total contacts updated in VR
  • The number of unsubscribes for each sync
  • The number of bounces for each sync


Actions – View Details For in-depth reporting on individual syncs, click the View Details button in the right hand column.
This link takes you to a page where you can see more reporting including the total number of leads created in Salesforce and the total of any contacts that are on hold. For more info check out our help page

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