VR for Salesforce - FAQs

Sometimes you have a question and just want to a quick answer. These are some of the typical questionswe get when it comes to using our Salesforce integration.

Q. Can anyone install VR into their Salesforce org?
A. Only salesforce admins, or those with admin permissions, can set up the application or change the settings. This a rule set up by Salesforce so we can't change it. 

Q. Is there a fee to install VR?
A. Nope! There’s no fee to download or install our app, and if your list is less than 300, VR is free to use as well. Otherwise, the usual charge for sending emails through VR will apply, but there’s no extra fee for using the account through Salesforce.

Q. If I’m already using VR Classic and want to switch to the new version, can I run both in Salesforce? I don’t want to lose my data when I uninstall.
A. As long as your Salesforce org has the space, you can run both at the same time. Salesforce doesn’t see that they both are VR, just two different apps. We connect the two accounts through Salesforce in different ways so you won’t accidentally be in the wrong VR account. At some point you’ll need to remove the VR Classic integration, it takes up more space than the newer version. Once you’ve sent emails from the new version of VerticalResponse and have built up some history, you can uninstall the original app.

Q. I don’t see all of my Salesforce reports as lists options, why is that?
A. Only tabular reports are available for use as a mailing list in your VR account. You can convert your Reports to the tabular format and then use them.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of records that get synced?
A. On the sync record details page, the contact email addresses for contacts on hold, bounced, unsubscribed etc. will be limited to 50. After that it won’t be displayed. You should check your VR account for more details.

Q: How do we know what the merge field format should be?
A. The email is going out from your VerticalResponse account, so the merge field will be the name of the field in your list, like First Name or Email, placed inside of curly brackets. For example - {First_Name}. To be sure that the info coming from your Leads and Contacts matches up with the right fields, go to the VR Settings tab and the Map Fields section. Make sure you have first names going to first names for both of the apps. We’ll do basic fields like first and last name, email addresses for you, but just double check the other data is correct.

Q. What happens when someone unsubscribes?
A. You’ll see the information in your VR account and though the address will be in your account, you won’t be able to mail to it. Once the global sync has run, or you click the Sync Now link, the Email Opt-Out box will be checked for your Leads or Contacts in Salesforce.

Q. If someone unsubscribes to a VR email, can you still mail to them through Salesforce?
A. Once the two accounts have been synced, either from the automatic global sync or by clicking the Sync now link, any unsubscribed Leads or Contacts will have the Email Opt-out field checked and they will no longer be mailable in Salesforce. This is done because unsubscribing is governed by the CAN-SPAM law and you don’t want to run into any issues with that law.

Q. When I sync my lists some of my Leads/Contacts in Salesforce don’t move to my VR lists. Why is that?
A. Contacts or Leads that have the “Email Opt Out” box checked will not be created in VR.  When there is a sync from salesforce to VR, the contacts or leads that have the email opt out flag checked in salesforce won’t be created or updated in VR.

Q. I get an error when I try to sync my accounts, what’s that about?
A. At any given time, only one sync can be run at a time. So if you’ve just selected a global sync and then do another sync, you’ll receive an error message.

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