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You can update, or sync, different information between your VR and Salesforce accounts to keep everything up-to-date. And we give reporting and easy access to the syncs that we do. Take a look at what kind of syncs we do and what information you can see in the reports. 


Types of Syncs:


VerticalResponse updates information from your emails to your Leads and Contacts in Salesforce. You’ll be able to see which emails your Lead/Contact were sent, when the email was opened, number of links clicked, and any bounce or unsubscribe information. You can manually sync this data from the VR Message tab, but it’s included in the automatic daily global sync.



You can keep your contacts in VR in sync with your Leads or Contacts in Salesforce; or vice versa. To update your contacts, go to the VR Contacts tab and click Sync Now. We will only update information from lists you’ve selected, the other lists will not be included. You’ll see a check mark in the box next to the lists included in the sync. You can manually sync this data from the VR Contacts tab, but it’s included in the automatic daily global sync.


To add a list to the sync click the Edit List link and click the box next to the list. 

Sync Report

Every time you run a sync we create a report for you. There’s some important info to understand about the report, take a look at what’s happening when we sync your accounts. 


First, go to the VR Home tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the reports. Here you’ll see all the syncs that have been done, the type and how it went. Plus you can click on the View Details link and see the specific data that was synced. 

This is what you’ll find in the reports:

  • Sync report number
  • Date and time of each sync
  • The sync status - Completed or Failed
  • Resources Synced - Global, Reports or Campaigns from Salesforce, List, or ListMessage
  • Your total contacts created in VR
  • Your total contacts updated in VR
  • The number of unsubscribes for each sync
  • The number of bounces for each sync 


Sync Status

Usually the sync will work perfectly and you’ll see Completed in this column. If you see Failed, click View Details and find the reason for the failure. If you try to do two syncs at one time you’ll see this: 


Our system can only do one sync at a time, wait until one is done before you update another one.


Resources Synced

There are a few options you’ll see for the type of sync, this is what they mean:

  • Global - this is the automatic sync we do for you, usually once per day. You can set this under the VR Settings tab.
  • Reports or Campaigns - If you use Salesforce Reports or Campaigns as mailing lists you can keep them updated between the two apps. 
  • List - Keep your list contacts updated between the two apps. This includes new sign ups or addresses that have unsubscribed.
  • ListMessage - Update your Leads/Contacts with email stats including opens and clicks. 
  • Actions – View Details

For in-depth reporting on individual syncs, click the ‘View Details’ button in the right hand column. This link takes you to a page where you can see more reporting including the total number of leads created in Salesforce and the total of any contacts that are on hold. 

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