How can I merge two or more lists in my account?

You can use the VerticalResponse Segmentation tool to merge two lists together. Please note that the list will dedupe email addresses, and a new list will be created - the old lists will remain in your account. Follow these steps to merge your lists:

  1. Click Lists | Segments
  2. Click New Segment button
  3. Enter a name for the segment and click Choose Segment Type
  4. Under Data Merge Options select Merge List Members and click Save & Build Segment
  5. Select the lists you want to merge, click Done and then Save & Get Results
  6. Select the fields you want to include in the new list and click Save Results
  7. You can choose to create one or more lists from the merged results. If you want the merged data in one list select All Results, A Single List, enter a name for the list and click Create List(s)
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