How do I permanently remove bounced and unsubscribed email addresses from my Master List?

Follow the steps below to mass delete bounces and unsubscribes from your account. You'll first download a list of the contacts you want to remove, and then upload the file to remove them from your account.

  1. Click Lists
  2. Click the Actions link to the right of the Master List and select Download Members
  3. For What to Download select Unsubscribes and/or Bounces
  4. For File Format select Comma Delimited (.csv)
  5. For List Fields select Click on Email Address Only
  6. For Send Notification enter your email address
  7. Click Download
  8. Your list will be emailed to you, when received open the file.
  9. Delete all columns and headers (including the email header) leaving only the individual Email Addresses (the file will be rejected if there are any other columns or headers present)
  10. Save the file

You will next use the file to purge the bounces and unsubscribes from your Master List. This will permanently delete all bounced and unsubscribed records in your account.

  1. Click Lists
  2. Click on the Master List
  3. Click on the Tools tab - NOTE! there are two Tools tabs, this should be the one next to List Members and Properties, NOT the one on the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  4. Click Mass Update
  5. Click Browse and locate the file you saved
  6. Click Delete from account (this is permanent!)
  7. Click Process File and Done
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