How do I upload my previously unsubscribed list members?

You can upload a list of your previously bounced and unsubscribed list members from another email service provider into your VerticalResponse account and mark them as "Unsubscribed." This will ensure that you do not accidentally import those list members into your VerticalResponse account and keep your bounces and unsubscribes to a minimum.

- Open your file and remove any column headings
- Remove any columns that are not just email addresses and keep all email addresses in one column with one email address per row
- Save your file as a CSV
- Log in to your VerticalResponse account
- Go to "Lists > Mailing Lists > Master List > Tools > Mass Update"
- Click on the "Choose File" button and browse for the CSV file that you saved
- Choose "Unsubscribe from account (permanent)"
- Click on "Process File" and then confirm that you want to perform the selected action
- Once your file has completed uploading you will receive a brief summary of the results

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