How do I debounce an individual Bounced email address?


Here's how you reset the mailing status for an individual email address:

1.Click Lists > Mailing Lists
2. Click on the All Members tab
3. Enter the email address and click Search
4. Click on the Actions link to the far right of the email address
5. Click on View Details
4. Click on the Debounce link to the far right and hit "OK"

This record will now be mailable for every list it exists on within your account. If at the time you debounce an email address you have a list attached to a draft email please unattach the list and re-attach it so the list can refresh.


Reset a bounced address using search:
1. Search for that address in the Search box at the top right.


2. Enter the email address or persons name and hit Search; the contact will come up in a flash.


3. Then click the box to the left of the record and the Unbounce button at the bottom of the page and we’ll reset it for you once you confirm.


Reset a bounced address via a contact list:
1. Go to the Contacts tab and select a contact list
2. Once you're inside the contact list, you should see a list of all the Active list members
3. Click on the Inactive tab


4. If there are bounced, unsubscribed, on hold, or unconfirmed list members, they will appear here.
5. To unbounce a contact, select the checkbox next to a particular contact on the left side.
6. Click the Unbounce button at the bottom of the table.
7. Confirm you want to Unbounce the contact(s)

Bounced/Debounce Email Address via Internal Admin Tool

1. Click on the "Contact Status Manager" in the Admin tool from the contact or account detail screen in Salesforce.


2. Enter in the e-mail address of the contact that needs to be updated and press "Search"

3. Use the "Bounce" box to identify the update you want to make to this contact:

  • If you are marking this contact as bounced: The "Bounced" box needs to be checked:


  • If you are debouncing this contact:   the "Bounced" box needs to be unchecked:


4. Click "Update" to update the status

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