How do I add Custom Fields in my list?

To create Custom Fields in a List:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Lists | List Fields
  3. Scroll and enter Name in the empty Custom box (note: the Merge Field is automatically generated)
  4. Select Field Type from Menu
  5. OPTIONAL: Check the Searchable box to include your custom field in the list search feature.

To personalize your email with this new field, insert the appropriate Merge Field in the body of your email. This new field will be an available option for all lists within your account.

You can also create a new field when importing a new mailing list. 

1. Upload your list (with the new field included) as usual
2. On the "Map File fields to List fields" page, choose New Custom Field from the drop down menu. 
3. Name your field in the text box to the right. 
4. Choose the type of field (Integer for numbers, text for text, and so on) in the third drop down 
5. Finish uploading your list. 

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