Can I segment based on survey results?

Yes it is possible, but not directly from the segmentation tool. (Survey results and segments don't play very well together right now.) What you can do is download the list of results from from the survey tool, and then include those results as custom list fields.

Step by step:

  1. Navigate to the reporting dashboard of the survey you want to segment on. (Click on the name of the survey, and if it's still live, click on the reporting tab.)
  2. Click on the list sub-tab.
  3. Click on the download link in the upper right, and choose the Microsoft CSV option.
  4. Choose what question data you want to export from the list
  5. Download your file and save it to somewhere you can find it easily.
  6. Take a second to check the file out. Is this the data you're looking for? Can you remove any unnecessary columns to make the upload process faster? What does the data look like? Is it yes and no, or 1s and 0s?
  7. Once you're satisfied, go to lists> new and start the list upload process:
    1. Name your list
    2. Browse for your file and upload
    3. On the Map file fields to list fields, map the contact data you want to use, and then choose the custom field option for your survey responses. Name the field something you will remember.
    4. Finish the upload and check your results.
  8. Now that you have a list, you can run a segment on the data there.
You can use a simple segment on list members only (like everyone you answered yes to question #3), or you can use an advanced segment to target survey responses and invitation results. (Everyone who opened the invitation on Thursday and answered "maybe" to question #4.
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