How do I Mass Unsuppress my mailing list?

Mass Unsuppressing your lists can take forever.  What we do at that point is put a ticket in through our Engineers to solve that issue.  However, there is a workaround.  You can download your suppressed list and then upload it again as a new list in the system to email to.  Here is how you can download your Suppressed list:

·        Log into your VR account
·        Click on Lists
·        Click on mailing Lists
·        Click on the All Members Tab
·        Click on the Tools Tab
·        Under What to Download:  All List members | File Format: Comma Delimited (.csv) | List Fields: Email Address
·        Click Download

Save the file to your computer, then simply upload that as a new list to your account.  All the emails in that account will show as Mailable, but in that list only.  This will give you the proper amount of time to send out your email until you can unsuppress the rest of the emails.




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