How do I create a list of people who have opened my email?

To create a list segment that will pull contacts that opened particular campaigns:

1. Sign in to your account
2. Select Lists, then choose Segments from the drop down menu that will appear
3. From the menu on the top right of the page, select +New Segment
4. Name your segment and enter any additional information related to that segment (optional).
5. Click Choose Segment Type
6. Under Advanced Segment Options, choose Segment List Members & Campaign Recipients
7. Click Save & Build Segment
8. Click Add List Rule.
9. Select your Master List, then click Done.
10. Click Add Campaign Rule.
11. Select the campaign(s) you'd like to pull this information from, then click Done.
12. Make sure the link between the two rules is set to AND. You can do this by just clicking on the box in the link.
13. In the filter for your Rule #2, the campaign rule, click on the first drop down menu and select Opened.
14. Set your date range if you'd like one.
15. Click Save & Get Results.
16. You will then have a few more options to customize. For instance, you can store the new data results in one list or in
       multiple lists.
17. Once you have made the final customizations, click Create Lists. The list that you have made from this data will
       now appear in your general Mailing Lists tab.
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