What kinds of lists can I use with VerticalResponse?

VerticalResponse is an opt-in email service provider, which means that we allow lists of people who have explicitly signed up to hear from you. This can include contacts that come from:
  • An opt-in form on your website - make sure that the form makes clear what they're signing up for. VerticalResponse offers free opt-in forms to put on your website, Facebook page, or blog. 
  • An in-person sign up form - there's no place like home when it comes to getting your customers to get interested in your emails. Whether it's a "Join our list!" fishbowl of business cards, a signup sheet at a trade show, or using the VR Mobile app, make signing up for your email list a breeze to get them to grow.
  • Lists of people who have specifically requested to join your list in any other way. VerticalResponse's Forward-to-a-Friend feature allows you to make good use of your customers' word-of-mouth, and lets their friends join your list easily.
Examples of lists that are not allowed for use in VerticalResponse include: 
  • Purchased or harvested lists. (This includes trade show attendee lists, lists from the the local chamber of commerce, etc.) You probably don't spend a lot of time looking at emails from people you don't know, and will probably send those emails to the spam box. So will the people on the list you just acquired. Not only will you do damage to your company's digital reputation, you won't be able to send through us.
  • You have a collection of business cards from a contest you ran or picked up from colleagues. No matter how tempting it may be, resist the urge to assume interest in your business means permission to send marketing newsletters.
  • Similarly, people who have emailed your customer support or customer inquiry departments are not giving permission to be added to your list. Adding them your list without their permission is a fast way to lose trust (and their interest in) in a business relationship.
  • Lists of your social media followers. Sure, they may check out your tweets and like your every Facebook post, but again, interest does not equal permission. Make it easy for your followers to sign up for your list with a link to your opt in form, and you'll grow that list in no time flat. 
There are some gray areas, but keep in mind the golden rule, and remember that permission is given, not taken. So if you're importing from your address book, take a look at your contacts. Are you adding them all, or only adding people who are genuinely interested in your newsletters?

One more thing: permission doesn't last forever. If your email list is older than the mystery can in the back of your fridge (you know the one), it may be in your best interest to try again with a fresh set of contacts.

Seem daunting? Not at all! VerticalResponse is here to help (after all, we've been doing this for over 12 years now.) If you still have questions, have a gray area circumstance, or want some general clarification, customer support will be happy to help you out.  

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